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Onespace is delighted to invite you to experience rock, fruit, flower, an exciting new departure for acclaimed Australian artist, Marian Drew.   

Throughout her four-decade career, Drew has created photographs which weave elaborate fictions within the touchstone of felt realities, with photography and her performative method used to expose these otherwise hidden narratives. During her career, the slipperiness of the photograph has become only more marked. Smart phones have made images ubiquitous, purporting to capture everyday realities – yet these are inevitably constructed. Questions about how and what photography represents in an increasingly precarious world has stimulated Drew’s deep dive back through her own practice, and into a new three-dimensional way of working with photographic imagery.


The sculptural interventions in the work engage the viewer within their captured space yet cleave to themes that remain central to Drew’s practice. As an artist she has always walked gently on the earth, sensitive both to nature and the cultural and personal histories that precede her presence in this time and place. rock fruit flower is a bold new direction.

Drew_Marian_and then my vision commenced to change_80cm x 120cm_2023_small.jpg

Marian Drew

And then my vision commenced to change 2023

800mm x 1180mm x 120mm.

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