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Devonian Flesh

The rocks in these photographs are more than 350 million years old, formed from the coral reefs of the Devonian Period, photographed in north Western Australia. The contemplation of rocks may shift our cosmological viewpoint, from the deep time of caves, onto mountains that formed as sea beds, and out into the universe. Through relocation of these rocks into interiors,  attention is drawn to natural landscapes and  the inextricable relationship between urban and natural, between deep time and human time. 

Swallowing the Cave 2018

Rock Stars 2018

Yellow Devonian 2018

Three hundred and fifty million years, a meditation 2018

Past Present Future 2018

Geobiologic 2018

Devonian Sinew 2018

Devonian Flesh 2018

Entanglement 2018

Setting the Stone 2018

SThe Earth is Moving 2018

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